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Why Use a CCTV Consultant? - part three
I have an existing CCTV system and feel that it is out of date and requires upgrading.

Asking many installation companies to respond to this type of enquiry is like giving them a licence to print money. For instance, you could find all the old wiring condemned then cameras, lenses, monitors, etc. It can be like that terrifying suck of the teeth when the engineer comes to look at your washing machine! A consultant can provide impartial advice on which parts of the system may need upgrading and most importantly, which parts can go on for years. Integrity test of the cabling is fairly straightforward to carry out. Isn't it strange that when you purchased the camera, CCD devices were indestructible, yet now of course, sensors do have only a limited life.

We are an installer and cannot get the customer to accept the system, can you assist?

I have been involved in this type of problem on many occasions and always start from the basic premise that I will produce a completely objective report without bias on either side. In every instance, the installer has been at fault, but often with a contribution from the customer asking for variations or additions to the original contract. In the latter cases, the installer accepted these without realising the implications. In two cases, the problem was the speed versus quality of phoneline transmission systems. In both cases, the customer had seen demonstrations of transmission systems down ISDN lines, but there were only PSTN lines to the premises. The differences had not been made clear to the customer during the demonstrations and the installer did not know that the customer had seen them. The problem originated in the quotations in which, the alternatives for transmission were not mentioned. Once the conflicting views were brought into the open, it was left to the customers and the installers to arrive at a compromise.

On another occasion, ten microwave receivers were mounted on a scaffold pole, resulting in an intermittent loss of video and telemetry. The solution here was obvious, but why had the installing company not spotted this? Probably because the system had been OK during the first six months of summer, but then the winter winds blew.

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